The Advantages of 3D Printing

If you have been keeping up with latest developments in the news or just social media in general, you may have come across articles about how a fashion designer used 3D printing to create their clothing designs or how 3D printing helped to reconstruct a rare bird’s beak etc. Needless to say, 3D printing has evolved over the years; in fact it is becoming compatible to metals, fabric and even food.

ger2Recently 3D pens have also been introduced into the picture, so the entire world of printing will never be the same. A number of websites like have all the information you need on 3D printing pens. We will however be focusing on the advantages of 3D printing in general.

The biggest advantage of 3D printing is how affordable it is. Prosthetics have been made via 3D printing and helped save hundreds or thousands of dollars for many families. This is a better alternative for children that require prosthetics since they tend to grow out of them in a few months. 3D printing allows them to have prosthetics that fit their growing needs without financially draining the family.

It is a great way to mitigate risks especially when dealing with new projects. Since 3D printing is more affordable, you can re-design and continue altering till you are satisfied and then move onto expensive molding equipment. Another great advantage of 3D printing is that it can take only a few hours to build the design; prototype manufacturing on the other hand, requires tools and materials that can stretch the process to a few weeks. 3D printing is the faster solution.

3D printing does not require any specific materials and tools, saving you from labor and material costs as well. It is also customization in designs, making you stand out. To learn about 3D printing and 3D printing pens, you can visit the following website at

The Trend of Doing Drugs in Teenagers and Its Effects

The use of drugs has been common since the beginning of mankind. The fact that they are illegal never made much of a difference and people use them blatantly. There are different reasons for people doing drugs. Many people do drugs to forget some bad experience that they have suffered some traumatic event and they wish to have no memory of it. While this reason behind the usage of drugs seems understandable, it is not justifiable. Drugs were made illegal for a reason and the law should be followed. The cause of the law is that overtime, drugs damages the human body. With the continued use of it, the damage might become irrecoverable.

assault-rifle-smoking-pipe-640x533Drugs now a day are on the rise, especially in teenagers. What does it mean that there is now a trend of doing drugs in teenagers? Did they not do it in the olden times? The answer would be that underage people use to do drugs before too but there were not too many of them. It was common for people above 20 but teens showed a bit of restrain when it came to drugs. It always stayed in the limits and never became routine.

But now with the easy availability of drugs and glass smoking pipes, the number of teens doing narcotics is rising drastically. Teenage is a phase of life where the girl/guy is very impressionable which means that they want to stay updated with their social circle. With the rise of drug cartel, teenagers are being targeted as drug buyers because they are easy to manipulate.

Even though they start doing drugs to not be an outcast, it soon becomes an addiction. Every day you hear stories of how teenagers are scraping for money and when they get it, they waste it on drugs. The continued use of different kinds of narcotics causes health problems which are often ignored and not treated.

The Basics of Numerology Calculations

Numerology is a study of numbers and letters which are present in your name and date of birth, and by using these basic letters and numbers present in the name and datepeople perform numerology calculations to find out the life path number, a life path number is an indicator of a lot of different things, some call it a myth but many believe that it is a pathway to your inner self and the signs help us show what we will face and what would be at our disposal in the future, it is not exactly a crystal ball which shows visuals of the future, but just like any other way of evaluating the future, let’s say any other spiritual and scientific way of predicting the future like astrology and palmistry, but the need is to learn about it and in some detail too, because not everyone can understand numerology, one needs to understand numbers and letters which are involved in the calculations and further understand the calculation itself, it is not that hard but requires some level of understanding of mathematics.

numerology-6aThere are various websites which help us in this particular topic and one can always learn numerology calculations online, calculation of numerology site, this is a website which has helped me a lot, I was a complete stranger to numerology and at a party one of my friends was winning over everyone with his knowledge on the topic and performing those calculations telling people what to expect, that was the day I decided that I have to learn numerology as well, not to impress people at parties but for myself, if it is actually something which leads us to better understand our inner selves then it is surely something that we should learn.

Deer Antler Velvet Extract Versus Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Deer antler velvet extract is basically a dietary supplement that is collected from the growing antlers of deer and elk, mostly produced in Australia and Korea. It contains magnesium, zinc, amino acids, calcium and anti-inflammatory prostaglandins.

1422513305033Before you continue to read on the article, you must have clear knowledge about Human Growth Hormone (HGH). It is produced by pituitary gland with the purpose of spurring growth in children and adolescents. The Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is popular among the body builders as it can improve your gain in muscle mass and strength as well as regulates blood sugar but can prove to be very risky. When injected or consumed, it can create damaging and unwanted side effects which is why people think twice before using it.

The same benefits can be found in the deer antler velvet extract as it contains IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor) which is a natural protein that your body produces for bone repair, growth and muscle. This extract has been known as a natural alternative for Human Growth Hormone (HGH) as it has lesser and non risky side effects than HGH. Not only does is provide IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor), but it can also improves joint health and reduces pain as well as improve immunity and slow signs of aging.

However, it is important to know that oral deer antler sprays have low concentrations of IGF-1, which means that it might not help in muscle building to the extent that you may want it to. It can also be called as an unethical practice as some of the farmer use inhumane ways to collect the Antler Farms deer antler extract. Moreover, there is not much clinical research on it so the results cannot really be proved scientifically.

Female Sexuality & Fifty Shades

I do not think it is possible for anyone to not know about Fifty Shades of Gray. Some people may have read the trilogy by E.L James or others may have gone a step further and watched the fifty shades of grey full movie in the cinema. Regardless of how they came to know about the franchise, there is no doubt that it was a hit the moment it hit the book stores.

ranneveryday-fifty-shades-grey-movie-trailerFifty Shades of Grey sold around 40 million copies worldwide when it was first released in 2011, inspiring the author E.L James to add two more books, turning it into a trilogy. The second book, Fifty Shades Darker is also being adapted into a movie and production is currently ongoing.

Fifty Shades has been applauded for talking about the sexual adventures of the protagonist Anastasia Steele in the world of sadomasochism. If we go back a century ago, discussions about female sexuality was considered to be a taboo.

The definition of nymphomania was also very different back then. A woman looking at men with a lustful gaze or having sexual desires was considered to be an abnormal phenomenon and was supposed to be treated. Extreme measures of treatment in some cases involved clitoridectomy and untreatable cases were admitted to an asylum.

Controlling female sexuality was a norm back then so any literature that tried to discuss the topic of female sexual desire was banned and the writer ostracized. Popular examples from all over the world include Lady Chatterley’s Lover by DH Lawrence, Madame Bovary by Gustav Flaubert and Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller.

The only difference in these books is that fifty Shades of Grey is not a banned book or else all these books have made female sexuality and desire their central theme. So, we have come a long way in terms of sexual liberation. You can watch the fifty shades of grey full movie and give your take on it as well.

Surviving Your First Trip to the Tattoo Parlor

Tattoo designs have been growing more and more intricate over the years. Currently geometric designs are all the rage. They can vary from large statement pieces to smaller more minimalistic designs as well, catering to everyone’s needs. Getting a tattoo yourself can be an exciting experience and a good first experience can potentially turn you into a loyal customer.

5a0731033571120badb4493235ac1444You may think that you are ready to get your first tattoo but you keep finding yourself putting off calling and booking an appointment or even making it to the appointment to begin with. Well, it’s about time you stick to that appointment because just staring at those 55+ Feminine Thigh Tattoos ideas won’t get you anywhere.

The best thing you can do is to convince a friend to tag along with you during the process. They will give you the necessary moral support and even hold your hand during the process. However, do not invite more than 2 people to tag along with you since it disturbs the entire tattoo parlor and is disrespectful.

Make sure that you bring a bright and clear picture of the tattoo you want. So select a clear picture from your 55+ Feminine Thigh Tattoos collection. This will help prevent the tattoo artist from making any mistakes. You can even check the stencil for possible spelling mistakes or design errors once the artist is done making them. Do not hesitate to call out any mistakes you see, it is going on your skin forever after all.

Drink orange juice or something along the lines of that so that you do not feel light-headed once the process starts. Does not become a back seat driver; learn to trust your tattoo artist and the entire process. Do not neglect your aftercare either. Lastly, tip your tattoo artist for their service.

The Benefits of a 4WD Car

For those who don’t know, 4WD, 4-wheel drive, or 4×4 is basically a type of drivetrain that is able to supply power to all 4 wheels that are installed on a vehicle that has 2 axles, as opposed to the standard cars that are normally 2-wheel drives. In theory and practicality, a car that is basically 4-wheel drive is always better than 2-wheel drive, and there are several reasons for you. Whether you own a 4wd, or you’re just going for a 4wd car hire, there are some benefits of this type of drivetrain you should know about, and that is what we are going to talk about today. So, without further ado, let’s take a look.

It Offers Better Acceleration

640pix-200series-4wd-hire-darwinOne good thing about 4-wheel drive vehicles is that they provide a lot better acceleration than the 2-wheel drive vehicles, this is mainly because of the fact that the power is being provided to all 4 wheels instead of just 2 of them that you see on a standard vehicle. Another reason behind the better and improved acceleration is that on 4-wheel drive vehicles, the traction is easily distributed among all of the 4 wheels, providing better overall acceleration.

You Get Additional Resale Value

Everyone can agree on the fact that people tend to change their vehicles when they want an upgrade, or basically because their budget allows them to, a reason why a lot of people actually invest in a 4-wheel drive is often something a lot of people don’t understand; but to make things clear, you should know that vehicles that are 4-wheel drive get really good resale value as compared to the vehicles that are not. This means that if you do have a 4-wheel drive, the loss incurred to you after you sell it won’t be massive.

List of Businesses That Benefit From Walkie Talkies

The two way communication device that was initially designed for military and law enforcement purposes has now evolved into something that is being used by not only military but by other businesses as well. Now if you are interested in knowing how walkie talkies are benefiting them then please keep on reading further ahead as we will be discussing the walkie talkies and their benefits to businesses down below.

Even management Business

walkie-talkie-huntingWhen it comes to event management or organization business you have several hundred people working under you and for that purpose each supervisor is given a walkie talkie so that they are able to communicate with each other in a more convenient way. This also helps them in keeping track of the progress of the entire event.


Hotels have a lot of stuff working in a building and for that matter keeping track of everything and running things smoothly walkie talkies are the best way of communicating and cooperating with almost every department. Bestwalkie talkies can be found on walkie talkie central you can look them up.

Construction Business

Another business that is quite dependent on walkie talkies for the purpose of running things smoothly are the construction businesses. Since a lot of workers are involved and the construction requires each supervisor to be away from the other. In order to communicate they have to have some medium to communicate and walkie talkies are the best way to go about it.


Another business that is highly dependent on walkie talkies is the security business. The security business is very delicate and things need to be in order at all times and for that matter communication is the biggest factor in it and this can be only achieved by use of walkie talkies.

The Education and Technology Hub

The city of Vellore is home to some of the most reputable educational institutions in the country, people from all over the state head to Vellore to study in institutes like VIT University, Christian Medical College & Hospital & Thriulluvar University, having so many education institutes attract the educationists towards the city as there are more and better teaching and education opportunities, in the state of Tamil Nadu, for it is the dream job to be a DEO or a CEO of good education institute, these are not new institutes but decades of reputation, tradition and history supports it.

frontpagemainDifferent government and private institutes provide good career opportunities for educationists and the salary packages are competitive, equal or may be higher than anywhere in the country, many believe that rich educational institutes make the state proud and the city of Vellore has nurtured so many great education institutes and educationists that the citizens are proud of it. There are many states in India where people have to leave their state in order to complete their education, it is hard for people to adjust to the culture and lifestyle of the new state and that takes time, may be that has an influence on their results as well, but the people of Tamil Nadu are fortunate that they have so many good institutes here that they don’t have go outside the state.

People from different states who have a strong resume do apply here as there may not be as good opportunities in their state as there is in Vellore Tamil Nadu, if you wish to apply for a job and want to know all about the institutes, living how to apply and all the other information which would be helpful then just log onto

Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

If you belong to that group of people who lead extremely busy lives with barely enough time to have proper sleep, you should know that you can get a professional cleaning service to come in and clean your house. This way at the very least your house will look good and neat and tidy. However, there is a small catch to it, you have to be very careful when hiring a cleaning service. If you are confused or not sure as to whom you should hire then we would like to recommend Brisbane cleaning services as they are one of the most top notch quality service provider in Australia. Brisbane cleaning services is pretty good and has staffed only the most experienced individuals for their services. There are a few mistakes people tend to make while hiring a professional cleaning service, we would like to warn you against it so that you do not repeat them. Following are some of the mistakes you should avoid while hiring a professional cleaning service.

Do Not Compromise on the Quality

beautiful girl cleans the surface

When it comes to house cleaning services there are plenty of times people make mistake of hiring the cheapest services which is basically compromising on the quality of service. People tend to do that because they want to save some of their hard earned money. Truth be told, the cheap rates would lead to cheap quality of the service and you will have issues like cleaning it up all over again.

Hiring Without Checking Reviews
Another mistake people often make is that they hire without checking reviews. This can be very be quite harmful as not every house cleaning service is reliable. So checking reviews is always helpful when it comes to hiring a cleaning service.

Do You Feel Bad? Here’s How To Improve Your Life

If you are looking for information on how you can improve your life, then this piece of content will serve such purpose. A lot of people just like you have found out that they can accomplish greater and better things in their life. We congratulate you from now, because you are finally taking responsibility of your life.

Stop Blaming Other People:

can-smoking-weed-help-me-get-pregnantEven though other people can influence our behavior and contribute to our sadness, it’s not a good idea to blame them for everything and see yourself as a victim. You need to quit the victim plot and start taking charge of everything in your life.

Are you overweight and out of shape? Then you need to change that and none else is the responsible of this situation. You need to change your diet and start working out. It will take time and deconstruct your old and bad habits, but that’s a battle you have got to fight on your own.

So you should start by stopping to blame other people for your errors and mistakes. If you have serious problems with pot, then you should start looking for ways to stop smoking weed, because this is a habit that will be hard to beat in fact. But if you are brave enough to endure and keeping moving on, then one day you will be able to drop your habit forever.

The New You:

You have a better life that can be yours, you just need to take responsibility of your life and see how beautiful it can be if you are organized and have good habits. This will take time to develop, but feel great and motivated, because you are now walking on the path that leads to happiness.

Freedom and Independency: Your Own Condo

If you want to enjoy real independency and freedom, then you need to buy your own condo. We are telling you this because a condo is far more affordable than a house, and is one of the most popular options in fact.

Nowadays condos are passing through an increasing popularity. New couples or in fact any kind of person who wants to buy its own house are opting for a condo. Why? You will find the answer to this question in the sentences of this article, pay attention.

It’s Cheaper than a House

1bloorwest-600x457One of the biggest advantages offered by this type of property is the more-affordable price tag. For example, if you want to buy a condo in Canada then you have One Bloor West. We have mentioned this company because they offer excellent properties for a fair price. You will see that in most cases these condos are more beautiful than a common house, but at the same time more affordable.

It’s Safer

Our world is becoming more dangerous over time, so security is a matter of extreme importance. And thanks to a condo you will be able to be protected most of the time. It’s because condominiums are protected by high-security, which makes it harder for burglars to get into your property.

Lots of Fun

Another major advantage is the lots of fun you will get. Most of the time these condos come with a pool, gym, BBQ and many other cool amenities. Getting all these things in a house would be very expensive, but when you buy a condo you get access to all these areas without paying an extra price.

So if you want a property which is affordable, safer and offers lots of fun, then you should buy your own condo.

Mistakes to Avoid With a Water Filter

Installing a water filter in this day and age has become something of a necessity, the reason is pretty simple, clean water supply is getting scarce by the day, and people don’t have any choice left than to opt for water filters or other water filtering techniques. For those who don’t know, a lot of people use a lot of different techniques to filter the water, and while some do it themselves, a lot of people use water filters such as the famous apec water systems roes ph75 alkaline; this is one of the best reviewed water filters out in the market, and are hailed for their top of the line performance as well as clean water.

With all things said and done, while water filters are amazing, there are some things you have to avoid to make sure they don’t lose their effectiveness over time. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the mistakes you have to avoid with water filters.

Going for Cheaper Options

97764fe0-759c-4b3d-b12b-e88f4a277d3b_400Another mistake while choosing water filters is basically going for cheaper options that are available in the market, the reason is simple, these options normally lack the good features such as reverse osmosis and some other really neat features that are found in the more expensive water filters, and that basically means wasting your money.

Not Changing the Internal Filter

Quite possibly the biggest mistake anyone could make with a water filter is not changing the internal filters; for those who don’t know, these internal filters are there to purify, and clean the water, and over time, they get clogged, dirty, and they start losing their effectiveness. Which means you get access to more impure water than before, however, hanging the filter isn’t as difficult as you may think and is quite inexpensive as well.

Buying a Drone for Children: A Guide

Things were easier when it came to buying toys for children a few decades ago. There was not as much variety and the toys were simpler. Now that we have entered the digital age, we have come to realize that buying toys is no longer as easy anymore. Children want phones or tablets and whatnot. Nowadays the two most popular choices in children’s toys are either a hover board or a drone.

r_365x220If the child is around 8-10 years old then a hover board might not be a safe option for them. In cases like these, you can opt for a drone; most top cheap drones for children can cost you between $40 to a few hundred dollars. However, you cannot just buy any drone for a child; there are some things you need to take into consideration when buying a drone for a child.

If the child will stay indoors most of the time, then you need to opt for drones that are smaller in size and can be used indoors. Models like the X-10Quad copter by Kii Toys can be a suitable choice; they are 1.5” x 1.5” making them a suitable option for younger children. They even have a light show and can do flips. Another interesting feature is that the propellers are not sharp, so there is no safety risk. However, an adult should supervise at all times.

Another important thing is that your drone is easier to fly and more stable or else children will have a hard time figuring it out. If you are looking to buy a flashier model for kids a little older, you can go for the U818A by UDI. It has a 4-channel radio and a 6-axis gyro. It can fly up to 7-9 minutes and is under a $100 putting it up amongst the top cheap drones.

Divorce and Dissolution of Marriage Are Not the Same

Divorce and dissolution of marriage are two separate things that get you the same results more or less. For a divorce you require to file a ‘complaint’ in the local court that would be based on any one or more clauses of legal grounds for divorce. These include bigamy, domestic violence, absence of one of the two parties, compatibility issues in which case there will be one year of separation before you can get the divorce finalized, adultery committed while in marital contract, neglect of duties associated with marriage towards the partner, fraud in the contract, imprisonment and drunkenness or such habits. In case any one of the two partners is involved in any of the aforementioned activities, the other partner can file a complaint asking for divorce. The case is then formally and legally dealt with in the court to settle the dispute. Statman Harris divorce lawyers make sure you get most out of what you deserve through your legal rights and the situation you are in. Even if you are emotionally not able to process the information, they will ensure you understand what is involved in the whole process and what decisions you should make to ensure you are not being stripped of your rightful things through your divorce.

divorce decreeA dissolution of marriage, on the contrary, does not require a formal complaint on the grounds of a fault of the other partner in the marriage. In this process, both the husband and the wife peacefully come to an agreement to dissolve their marriage through mutual understanding and file a petition for it. For these cases, it is required that husband and wife must have a separation period of at least a year before they can file for dissolution of marriage. Also they must be in agreement regarding all the factors involved like division of assets, child custody etc.

Benefits of Having Your Vehicle Inspected Often

All the vehicle owners listen up! It is necessary for you to remember that it is essential for you to go a body shop every now and then and get your vehicle checked. The reason behind it is very simple; your vehicle is mechanical. This means that every vehicle is mechanical which means that it is made up of a lot complicated parts which tend to go haywire every now and again and lead up to problems. You should make it a habit to have your vehicle inspected every now and then to get the problems fixed and diagnose if there would be future issues.

Some people are reluctant to go to a body shop and get their vehicle inspected. If you are one of the people who are reluctant about the inspection then continue reading the articles to know the advantages of regular vehicle inspected and how good it is for your car and pocket.

Longevity of the Vehicle

vehicle-inspectionsYou might think how an inspection increase or decrease the life of the vehicle. It is a huge advantage that many people do not seem to realize that getting your vehicle checked affects the life of it. When you get the vehicle checked, the mechanic would do a bit of servicing but the most important point is diagnoses. The inspection would inform you of a budding issue which means that won’t be able to blossom into something horrible and cost a lot of money later on.

Relief to the Pocket

It might seem an exaggeration but the inspection helps save money. It tells you beforehand of the new forming flaws and you would also get to know when your car has lived its life so that you can sell it out and not pour in money vainly.

You Must Get Your Own Bike!

Riding a bike is a classic “sport”, let’s call it like that. But sadly it’s going downhill in terms of popularity, because a lot of people prefer to take the bus or a taxi instead of riding a bike. However, if you want to change this reality for you, then you must read this article, which will explain you why you MUST get your own bike today!

Well, maybe not today but very soon. Because once you are finished with this piece of content, you will want to gout and get your very own bike!

It’s Very Fun:
RadiumWe live in a very stressful world. Your bike will come in handy to help you, because it will allow you to enjoy more your day.

It will allow you to release more dopamine in a healthy way, which will make you feel happier. If you have problems with depression or simply feel way too stressed out, then this simple yet effective machine will help you. Because a bike is simply wonderful and fun!

If you want to get your own bike at a discounted price, then we invite you to visit this article that talks about the best cheap mountain bikes!

A Nice Way To Burn Fat:
Riding your bike with an empty stomach can work very well for burning your stored fat. It’s a scientific fact that we burn more fat with an empty stomach and if we perform a light-weight activity for a long time like walking or riding a bike, or if we do high-intensity activities for a short time like sprinting or riding a bike at your fullest.

With all these benefits, do you still think that you don’t need your own bike? Don’t be dumb and get your own today!

Smart Ways to Bring Your Home Back To Life

One of the main reasons people spend so much on purchasing a new home is because they want a fresh and new home; something that their old house fails to provide. With time, your house will start to wear off and need high maintenance but this does not mean that you cannot bring it back to life; make it look new as ever. You don’t have to invest in a new home to get a feeling of something fresh; instead you can make a few changes to your old home to achieve the same results.

Beautiful Pink Bedroom of House Beautiful Paint Colors Combined with Green and White Accents in Minimalist Interior Decoration

Built-in seats in the kitchen is one of the smartest and most innovative ideas to bring your home back to life as it creates more seating without taking much space as well as adds makes your kitchen look appealing. You can add a banquette so that your seats do not bang on the wall yet create more seating space as well as space for storage.

You can consider bring some of the architectural details into your house; a little modification will not hurt your pocket or take much of the time. Ceiling beams, arched doorways and decorative molding can make your home look elegant yet give an impression of a modern style home. Furthermore, renovating will enable you to give your home a different look that is far from how the standard and design homes look like adding to the uniqueness.

You can create a family workspace, like a living room, where all the family members can sit together and work on their respective thing. This will allow you to bond with your family as well as get all the necessary work done. You can also repaint your home or get a different paint done to give it a fresh look. Neutral colors in Nippon paint Singapore can add to the curb appeal of the house.

Buying Your Air Conditioner: A Guide

It is safe to say that it is getting hotter as the years go by and we have global warming to thank for that. The number of heat waves every year are rising and no matter how environmentally conscious you may be, air conditioning has become a necessity, especially if you are living in the warmer parts of the country. Buying an air conditioner for your home is not a simple task; in fact there are a number of factors for you to take in consideration. So, we have assembled a few major points for you to consider the next time you are shopping for your air conditioning Denver.

meilleure-pompe-a-chaleurThe size of your room to the size of your air conditioner should be considered when you are buying your air conditioner. You cannot buy a larger cooling unit for smaller rooms like a bedroom unless you enjoy living in a blast freezer, similarly you cannot expect a small cooling unit to work on larger living spaces like your living room. Size should not be your priority, in fact the more efficient model should be considered.

The number of decibels you a/c generates should also be considered since you do cannot expect to relax or unwind when your cooling system is producing a lot of noise, enough so to drown out the noise of your television. So, don’t go for a lower price cooling system if you are compensating for the noise.

There should be some necessary features in your remote like an auto-timer, shutter control etc. for added convenience. If you are environmentally conscious, it is recommended that you go for more eco-friendly models that are Energy Star compliant.

If you are still not sure which air conditioning Denver system is suitable for you, you can always ask your contractor or other experts.

Why You Should Consider Buying Wooden Phone Covers

We live in a world of plastic, which means that all around us plastic is used to produce countless products. It has made us immune to it and we do not think much of it but on the other hand, wood is something special. Maybe it is because that you do not see wooden products (wood iPhone case) around you so often or maybe it simply makes us feel more grounded and real.

Whatever the case be, wooden products are always a welcome sight and that includes phone cases too. How often do you see anyone having a wood iPhone case? It is a rare sight which makes you wonder as to why people do not use it more?

Maybe they just do not know the amazing characteristics and benefits of having a wood phone case. So in this article, you will read about why you should buy yourself a wooden phone case.


verscase_2In the past, wood phone covers were not so durable and use to get damaged on hard impact. Now it has changed and the cases are manufactured in a way which promises their long lasting life and provide protection to the phone. Most wood phone cases handle shock and fall well and are minimally damaged.


As we have mentioned before, a really small population of people have wood phone covers so it means that if you buy yourself one and go out with, people are bound to look at it and feel in awe. It is a unique kind of a case which would attract good attention and who doesn’t like that?

Progression through the Years

It is a common known fact about wood that it improves with age. When wood gets in contact with human touch, it gets more refined and changes colors.