How to Properly Take Care of Your Hair

Your hair is one of the redeeming quality about you, and as someone who loves to look good, and presentable, it’s your duty to take care of your hair, after all, no one really loves hair that are tangled, messy, and keep on breaking. Taking care of hair is as important as taking care of the rest of your body, it’s extremely necessary. Now a lot of people don’t know that but different type of hair requires different type of care, and the best possible way to know what type of care your hair need, you can either visit a dermatologist, or you can simply experiment until you finally find the right care.

With that said, you can visit in order to get all the information you require about hair, as well as some really helpful and handy guides. For those who need some basic tips on how to take care of your hair, follow the handy tips below.

Avoid Hot Showers

the-ultimate-curly-hair-guideWhile showering with lukewarm water is perfectly fine, all the experts suggest that you should avoid hot showers at all cost, now in case you don’t know, hot showers are known to ruin the hair because they’ll eventually dry out your hair, and will make them tangle, eventually ending in breakage.

Know Your Shampoo

Different shampoos are made for different type of hair, and the best way to deal with this pressing question is visiting a hair specialist or a dermatologist in order to know the type of shampoo you should be using; the reason behind this is pretty simple, it will actually help you protect your hair from all the other shampoos, and believe it or not, a bad shampoo can actually damage your hair to a huge extent.

Find Out What is Staining Your Teeth

Everybody wants to have a beautiful smile with perfect teeth showing the perfect white set of teeth that are not stained at all by all the things that we consume every day. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to have that perfect a smile provided we eat so many teeth staining products on a daily basis. Even though we keep good care of our oral hygiene, our teeth still lose the bright color they once used to have. Things like coffee, tea and other caffeine containing products are among the main culprits of these stains that render our teeth stained. Without treating them with whiteners, our teeth can really look bad when we smile. That is why consumers invest in teeth whitening products that bring back the shine and color of your teeth, giving you the confidence of a beautiful smile. For sbiancare i denti, you must find the best product in the market that will whiten your teeth without having any harmful effects on your teeth. Some harsh products containing teeth whitening chemicals can really damage your teeth enamel making them weaker and even more stained eventually. You must remain careful of these products and look for the ones that are friendly to use.

1Teeth whitening pens are among the most used whitening products with positive reviews from the customers. The main reason being the instant whitening effect these pens have on your teeth so you see the result immediately after use. We often have stained teeth because of our genes also as many people inherit discolored teeth that are not shining bright white. Therefore, depending on a product to help them achieve that smile with white teeth becomes necessary for them. You can depend on the increasingly popular pen whiteners and achieve that white teeth color that you always wanted.

The Perks of Having a Water Softener

Studies show that an estimated 85% of Americans use hard water on a regular basis, a lot of them don’t even know that they do, hard water has an excessive amount of mineral content, the reason being that it passes through deposits of limestone and chalk which release all sorts of metal cations into the water itself. These minerals cause a lot of problems, from making your water taste bad to making it unsafe for drinking and using in your homes, this is why anyone should seriously consider getting a water softener system for their home.

water-softener-water-heater-cWater softener systems are like filtration units but are more efficient and make use of methods that are solely made for getting rid of metal cations, most of them use either lime softening or ion-exchange resins, which effectively get rid of excess minerals and make your water more consumable. By getting rid of minerals, the water also loses its pH value, but the drawback of some water softeners is that they use salt to soften the water, which results in your water becoming salty and bitter. Having a water softening system also increases the lifespan of your plumbing pipes as softened water is less corrosive and leaves lesser amounts of residue that rust and block your plumbing.

There are all kinds of water softening systems out there in the market now, the latest models make use of refined filtration methods that make them even more efficient and eliminate the use of salt based cleaning.Finding the best water softener system for your home can be confusing if you’re new to this, but luckily you can find information about some of the best home water softener systems. Equip your home with these systems and ensure that you always have clean water for your use.

A Condo: The Missing Piece in Your Life

Is the condo the missing piece in your life? Well, if you don’t have your own home then it may be. You need to live under your own rules and means, and we will show you why the condo is the perfect way to kick off this phase of your life.

Finding The Missing Piece:

177-front-condos-1Now it’s time to find this missing piece. And the unique way to do it is by taking action and start looking for possible purchases around your city. If you live in Toronto, then we can recommend you time-space condo. This project is superb.

We will explain you why we think it’s so great. In the first place, the time-space condo project brings you superb amenities which will add a lot of value to your life. Because a swimming pool is something everyone would like to get access to.

The time-space condo is a good project for several reasons. We like the fact that it comes with an excellent security system, which will protect you at all times. And if you have a family, then it’s even more important, so we recommend you to have this option between your possibilities.

A condo will offer you endless opportunities of fun. Because it brings you access to lots of things like a swimming pool, BBQ, gym and a community. When you live in a condo you get that special feeling of a community.

Now it’s time for you to decide if you really want to live in a condo. We have done our job at explaining the several reasons on why it’s a great investment. But the person who takes the final decision is you. What will you do? Now it’s time to answer and see what’s the best for you.

The Importance of Giving Your Children Time

The most important people in a child’s life are their mother and their father, they depend on these people from their birth and till they become adults, as a parent you have a major role in deciding what your child grows up to be. This is why it is important to give them time and care, something that can be hard to do if one of the parents is not around for some reason, the two biggest reasons for parents not being around are either a parent’s work requires them to go away or a married couple has a falling out and ends up getting a divorce.

144719-425x278-blendedfamilyThe former is always more challenging, a divorce can really traumatize your children and leave their family lives completely upset, however most parents agree on making a compromise and continue parenting the children even if they no longer live together. This compromise is often decided by the court and one of the parents gets custody, after this the couple can agree on days on which they try and give their children family time. Living apart together with children is obviously more challenging than living a normal family life, but it’s something that needs to be done in order to ensure that the family doesn’t completely fall apart for the children’s sake.

It often happens that as the children grow older they start blaming their parents for destroying their family, leading to the children distancing themselves from their parents, such situations need to be dealt with care. If you’re facing such troubles or other problems related to divorce and separation, Smart Divorce Network can help guide you, the website is made to provide people going through theses sort of situations with insight and information that allows them to get past these problems and ensure that their family can recover from such a blow.

Reasons You Should Hire a Lawyer

A lot of the times handling minor legal situations can be easy but we would like to inform you that handling lawsuits and other kind of legal issues on your own can be problematic. If you ever find yourself in a legal situation it is best to just let the experts deal with it. Basically hiring a lawyer is good in such situations. If you want to read more on why lawyers should be hired to handle legal issues then keep on reading ahead as we will be listing down some of the reasons as to why you should hire a lawyer. Although hiring a lawyer might seem really expensive and it actually is expensive you should know that it can also save you from a lot of other trouble so it is actually worth it. Following are some of the reasons as to why you should hire a lawyer.

Prevents Big Losses

hirealawyer-lgIf you think hiring a lawyer will cost you a lot then you should consider the possibility of being hit by a huge penalty which might even leave you bankrupt. So it is better to hire a good lawyer instead of handling it on your own and then also suffer from being hit by a very heavy penalty for something that could have been avoided if you had hired a lawyer. So always consider your possibilities and options before you actually make a finalized decision.

Expert Knowledge Comes in Handy

Another reason you should consider hiring a lawyer is that their expert knowledge can come in handy especially when there is evidence present. They can easily challenge all of that using their expert knowledge in the subject matter and help you avoid getting any penalty or punishment for something that you didn’t do.

Saving Money When Buying Air Tickets

If you are someone who travels a lot and uses different airlines, you must be aware that the fare and charges are increasing a lot, and it has become increasingly difficult for people to cope up with such increases, but the only consolation is that these airlines offer loyalty coupons to their regular passengers, these are discounts offered in shape of coupons offered to passengers who travel regularly, and these are really helpful, you can save good amount of money if you are able to get your hands on these coupons, obviously just like any other coupons, these have rules and regulation and applicable conditions, and with a given expiry date.

banner-black-fridayIf you are looking for airline coupons online then you must make sure that you are getting it from a reliable website, and is one website which is trusted by many, it has a huge range of different coupons available for you, air tickets and different travelling coupons are available at the website and if you are looking for air France USA coupons then there is no better place to buy them than, air France coupon code help you gain upto 30% discount.

If you have searched a lot and still not found any reliable website to buy airline coupons then your search should end with, there are so many good, reliable air ticketing and booking websites available but not all of them provide these coupons, and the numbers are relatively short when you start looking at the websites which provide these kinds of coupons. Getting 30% discount would help you save money and it is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on because these coupons have a validity date, so just buy it before the validity date and save some good bucks.

The Customer Support Mistakes Every Business Needs to Avoid

For those who don’t know, a customer support by a business is basically a team that is dedicated to serving customers after they have conducted some sort of business with the company. Now a lot of people don’t know, having a good customer support is extremely crucial for the company, for starters, take a look at the customer support eon to see what we are talking about. A lot of businesses don’t pay attention to the customer service, and the end result is that they start losing their customers, and the business starts going into a decline.

If you are a business that has a customer support in work, then we would suggest you to avoid some of the grave mistakes that are made by a lot of business owners. These mistakes usually involve an untrained staff, and some similar mistakes. To make sure you don’t end up making these mistakes, we are going to take a look at what mistakes you need to avoid.

Having an Untrained Staff

One of the biggest mistakes one can_89322187_hi020503720 make with customer support is having a staff that isn’t trained properly, what this normally does is the staff you have onboard doesn’t normally know how to talk to the customer properly, and has the potential to drive customers away.

Not Listening to the Customer

While the customer may not always be right, as a customer support, it is your duty to make sure that you are listening to what the customer has to say, and make sure you don’t end up arguing with the customers because there will be times that the customers will be really, really angry or not pleased. So, make sure there’s enough patience to begin with before going ahead with the answering.

Reasons to Move to Canada

Looking for a country to relocate? You no longer have it worry about it anymore; Canada is the perfect place to start over. Located in North America, Canada is a beautiful, dynamic and amazing country that will be the answer to your search. Canada’s open immigrant’s policy makes it easier for outsiders to gain nationality and hence attracts people to think about migrating to Canada. You will be able to find multicultural surroundings in Canada due to its vast diversity of immigrants. While other countries may have some features that catch the interest of potential immigrants, there are some benefits of moving to Canada that are too hard to ignore.

28719593840_13440c8f07_bCanada has a strong employment market which means that their unemployment rate is low. While other countries, especially US and UK, have been facing economic crisis that have severely affected the jobs of those particular countries, Canada remains protected and unaffected by it. In other words, your skills and experiences will be appreciated more in Canada in terms of job security and salary as well as all the other job related benefits that many people seek.

Another major factor that will leave you no choice but to move to Canada is the fact that they provide quality health services at the lowest cost. You will no longer have to be concerned about your health as the government will take care of it. This does not mean that the quality of the health care is compromised. In fact, it’s even better than most of the countries.

Canada has also been popular for providing education grants including BCTESG in order to maintain their literacy rates and ensure that every child gets a chance to use their full potential and make a difference in their life and lives of others.

All You Need to Know About The Company, Bookcases

Books are said to be a man’s best friend and why wouldn’t it be? A book does not speak or question you, it just magically takes you into another world which is completely different from your life and you get to live however you want. Such precious things need to be taken care of and stored properly and what better way to tuck them away than in a bookcase?

_3A bookcase is the most popular way to store books and other related stationary items, people often place other articles along with it too like picture frames, trophies and awards, bookshelf speakers etc. Books can surely be stowed away somewhere else but as they are such a treasure, it is best to protect them as much as possible. A bookcase is a very common piece of furniture and can be purchased from any place in every country of the world; whether it’s a physical shop or from an online store.

A well-known vendor of bookshelves is Bookcases which is an online merchant of the articles. The company operates from United Kingdom and was started in 2012 and has been going strong since then. The main reason behind their success is their love for providing highest quality wooden bookshelves to their customers through an excellent service which gives no hassle and leaves the customer happy and smiling.

Even though the business is on a small scale, they are known to provide state of the art products which rarely have any problems with them. The company accepts payment through PayPal which is completely protected.

Their delivery system functions smoothly and they deliver around in 2 weeks’ time, obviously your location may make a difference in the delivery time. The company can be contacted easily through their website.

The Advantages of Taking Food Supplements

For those who don’t know, these food supplements are basically highly concentrated sources of minerals, nutrients, as well as a number of different substances that have the same physical effect on a person’s body. Now in case you are wondering why people take these supplements, it’s mainly because they are making up for the lack of nutrients in their body, these supplements are often the perfect choice for people who are taking meals that are not rich in nutrients, these supplements can help them make up for all that loss. Similarly, these supplements may not benefit people who are normally taking healthy meals that are reach with all the required nutrients.

With that said, there are actually a lot of benefits of supplements, and you can even simply buy supplements online, but we would suggest you do some research before you go ahead and buy them. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the advantages.

You Get Additional Nutrients

aid2186485-728px-buy-health-supplements-online-step-1-version-2If you are eating healthy, you need to know that you are already taking all the necessary nutrients, however, taking supplements at the same time will grant you some additional nutrients that a lot of people find really helpful. However, make sure that the dose of supplements isn’t too much, especially if your meal has enough nutrients in them.

They are Used to Treat Deficiencies

Another benefit of taking supplements is that they can be used to treat various different deficiencies including iron deficiency, however, you need to make sure that the supplement you are buying has a substantial amount of iron in it, to properly provide you with all the necessary iron the body needs. Keeping that in mind, make sure you read the labels before you actually purchase these supplements.

Features to Look For in a Metal Detector

t2ec16nhjhgfflhgts0bsb3eitqlq-_32A metal detector serves various purposes. It is used for security purposes in airports and other regulated public areas. It is also used by explorers to find possible treasure or hints related to other civilizations by anthropologists and is also used by laymen for the purpose of exploring and potentially finding something interesting. Given the varieties in metal detectors, we have decided to point out a few features that separates the best metal detector from an average one.

• Discrimination is a feature present in most modern metal detectors. Like the name suggests, this feature basically allows you to discriminate from one metal to another. Each metal has a different magnetic response and this feature allows you to differentiate between the different responses.
• Ground balance or Calibration basically allows your device to account for all types of minerals that are found in all soils. A device with a good calibration will not be affected by outside signals. There is normally a control box that allows you to adjust and re-adjust as you go from one soil to another.
• Your metal detector’s sensitivity will tell you which type of materials it can detect. Metals with high operating frequencies are only able to detect light metals that are situated in the topsoil. On the other hand, metals with low operating frequencies are able to penetrate deeper into the soil and find heavier pieces.
• A metal detector with a GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) will help you determine the density and size of the object. This feature is very useful for archaeologists, explorers and other such professionals since it makes the job easier.
• A depth indicator will let you know how much further you may have to dig or excavate in order to find the object.

Ultimately the best metal detector for you comes down to your needs and your level of expertise in handling a metal detector.

Advantages of Obtaining Fake Transcripts

In today’s economy, not everyone can afford to obtain a legitimate degree. Since many years, the world’s economy is pretty messed up and people are barely earning enough to get through a month. When you are a teenager, you start working part time to be able to afford your bachelor but let’s be honest; none of us can earn that much. We either need our parent’s financial help or people go for student loans. Everyone knows how hard it is to pay off those loans and you probably waste away your whole life paying them off.

3-college-transcripts-blue-all-inclusive-2When you are earning a meager wage, you won’t spend it on getting a degree the cost of which you can only afford if you sell your kidney. Hence, fake transcripts are the best option for people who are on a budget. Many young adults who can’t afford an expensive degree go for the fake transcripts which are easily available online.

The biggest advantage of buying a fake transcript is that you save a whole lot of money. As we mentioned above, young adults are not able to earn money by the time that they are required to pay for college. Now either they have the option of spending their life without a degree or they can buy a fake transcript.

In this world, you need a degree if you want a good job. The criteria of any respectable job require you to be a graduate of the particular field and have good grades. If you get a fake transcript, you can progress in your life because only people with a degree can move up from post to post. So if you want to earn, advance and lead a happy life while maintaining your budget, fake transcripts are the best option for you!

Types of Interior Waterproofing

When we first move into our house, we make sure that everything is up to our standards and that things are in their proper condition. Granted, we tend to forget that our house is in need of a few tweaks every now and then after the first few months but it is important to realize a potential problem until it is too late. If you have been noticing a musty smell in certain rooms or parts of the house, you might either have a burst pipe or that your house’s water table is too high, causing the wet/humid feeling.

If it happens to be the latter, you would want to get your waterproofing in Toronto services by Royal Work Corp. The company will normally provide you four options to choose from in terms of water-proofing, we will go through each type down below.

Concrete Waterproofing Coatings:

commercial-waterproofing-toronto-project_bc_jlzmxy4xmp4r18921007485856891_rThis type of waterproofing like the name suggests, involves the use of a thick cement-like coating which is coated over the walls. It then ultimately dries over the wall and can be textured into different designs for more aesthetic purposes. Normally concrete waterproofing coatings cannot be applied to already painted walls, so the paint needs to be scraped off first.

Waterproof Paint:

This is like standard wall paint but with an acrylic formula. You can apply it yourself or have them done by professionals. However, it is not as affective for more severe cases for interior waterproofing.

Silicate-Based Concrete Sealers:

These are penetrating sealers, so they soak in and react with the concrete, forming a hard, waterproof surface. They also cannot be applied over painted walls but some sealers can be painted over afterwards.

Plastic Sheets & Panels:

They do not stop water from getting through the wall but it prevents it from destroying the interior.

CLC World Takes Member Feedback Seriously

CLC World believes in providing their customers with experience that they will never forget. They keep them involved deeply in the holiday experience by providing them with state of the art experiences, services and destinations to enjoy. They have been expanding their services by building new resorts but that never dampened their spirit to provide exceptional services to their customers at other previous destination points. Whether you are planning a romantic getaway or a vacation filled with activities for the entire family, then this is the place you need to visit without having any second thoughts. With CLC World Holiday, you can avail incredible discounts from different packages. All their resorts are in destinations that provide an experience never to be forgotten and the services that are provided along with the destinations make sure your experience is smooth and hassle free.

80598acbf9e1939de6181980dc24e6e2With keeping all their members engaged actively, they keep a check on the quality of their services so they can improve and make necessary amendments where required. This constant improvement enables them to have a very loyal customer base as they keep coming back for more time to be spent in their resorts at exotic locations. They are not just about clean places and breathtaking sceneries but also provide facilities that will keep you engaged in a number of things that you like. There are multiple youth based activities for your children as well so you don’t have to worry about their entertainment while you are on a family vacation but don’t know what to do with spare time. At most, you will be selecting from a number of things you could get engaged in with your kids or have them enjoy by themselves while you enjoy your own activities with your partner. It will be an experience of a lifetime.

How Google Play Has Revolutionized The Marketplace

If we think about a time before smart phones were invented, we might be a little amused as to how we managed to even make it through our days back then given how almost everyone has a smart phone right now. The main feature of smartphones, mainly android phones is google play. The google play store was initially launched and introduced in 2008 under the name of Android Market and within a year, it became a game changer worldwide for developers. You can read more about Google Play store through its official website or online elsewhere.

7Google play store consists of various apps that you can download either for free or for a specified amount mentioned by the developers. These applications range from games, to reading e-books, to watching TV shows etc. All you have to do is look up the keywords on the store and you are bound to find something resembling what you might be looking for.

Thanks to google play, the entire world is literally in our hands. We only need to download the application and then have it in our hands instantly. So, if you need a book and you order it online, you will normally have to wait a week to get it but thanks to google play, you will have the entire e-book in your hand within minutes.

It serves as a platform for developers and once an app gets popular, you end up earning a decent amount of money, which can be a Kickstarter for developing further apps as well. Snapchat is a great example in this scenario. Google play has become an instrument of convenience that allows us to get access to things that we never thought we could get access to before all the while sitting at home. You can read more about Google Play store and its advantages through various sites, including their official site.


Non-Stop Entertainment Wherever You Go

Smartphones haven’t been around for really long, the technology is only a decade old, but in the short time that we’ve had them, we have become so dependent on them that thinking of a world without them now seems impossible. We haven’t grown so attached to our hand held companions for no reason, after all, they provide us with everything that we can possibly need to stay connected to the digital world, but a smartphone without apps is nothing, we each find and install out own set of apps that customize our device for us and make them truly ours.

header-uiApple has the appstore while Android has the Playstore, there’s also Microsoft’s own app store but most people don’t really focus a lot on Windows phones. These stores act as hubs where app developers from all around the world upload their apps for us to download, some are free while others are paid, the variety of apps that can be found is almost endless. The problem with these app stores is that there are so many apps out there for everything that often it can be hard to find the right app for yourself, you can try and look for apps by checking their ratings but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the highest rated app will provide you with the best experience.

Many apps provide you with the ability to stream movies on your phone, Popcorn Time is one such app that isn’t well known but shows a lot of promise. In terms of viewing experience, Popcorn Time is right up there with popular apps like showbox. If you want a seamless streaming experience of all the latest boxoffice hits, get popcorn time download android version of it from the play store or find an APK somewhere on the internet.

Stress is Killing Us: An Interesting Talk

We all know that stress is damaging and very harmful. But, even though we know it, we don’t take drastic measures on fighting it back. And this happens because we don’t have enough will nor organization to do it.

The principal requisite to fight back stress is to have an ORDER. That’s it, without order you cannot have an strategy to fight back this noxious element of your life. We will share with you the mindset and philosophy you need to follow in order to keep stress at a very low level and enjoy your life a lot more than you currently do.

Your Life Style Matters

luxury-shiatsu-ideal-massage-chairOur lifestyle has a direct impact in the way we feel and act. If you live a life which is composed by a toxic diet and a sedentary life then you shouldn’t be surprised that you feel so stressed. We need to be healthy in order to make our lives better.

Therefore the first thing to fix here is your lifestyle. Make sure you are eating a proper diet and that you are working out. Something as simple as walking can be wonderful for your life. But the point here is to do it. Don’t just leave it in theory!

Others Tools

A massage chair is a great acquisition. As it’s a tool which will allow you to rest and relax in the comfort of your very own home. Just visit to check which one are the best.

Another good acquisition is a Jacuzzi. You can rest in this great thing after working hard the whole day. The point here is to spoil yourself a little bit, because these small details really weight and matter in our life, so follow our advice and spoil yourself a little bit more.

Making Your Business Grow to The Next Level

You want to make your business grow. Cool. Because we are here to help you. We want to help you reach the next level. If you are hungry enough, then this article will be a perfect match for you.

Accountability Matters:
contabilidad-electronicaIf your business, small or big, doesn’t have a good accountability service or system, then you are just driving towards failure. If you speak Spanish, then you can rely on a system like Mis Kuentas for contabilidad electronica. This is what is going to drive you to the next level, because correct accountability will put you on the right track.

And just like and its contabilidad electronica service, you can find many others in either Spanish, English or any other language. You just need to find the one that better suits you and your business. And believe us that there are so many choices that you won’t have any problem finding it.

Investing In Marketing:
Online marketing is an important aspect in any business, be it online or offline. It doesn’t matter what kind of service or product you offer, you need online marketing if you want to take it to the next level.

Many people fail to see the superb value of this. Without a proper online marketing system you will be leaving a lot behind. If you want to have a highly successful business that puts a lot of money into your pockets, then this is what you need to do.

Here you have it. Accountability and marketing are two important elements in your business. Make sure you are investing properly into them, because your success depends on the quality of both. If your marketing and accountability are at its best, then you will put your business on the next level.

The Benefits of Alcohol Treatment Centres

There is no other way to look at how terrible alcohol addiction can be, people have lost their lives to the addiction, and if not treated properly, and at the right time, the addiction can lead to some severely terrible outcomes. A person suffering from alcohol addiction is perhaps one of the most unstable human beings, and can be a potential threat to himself/herself, and the people around them. With that said, the good thing is that alcohol treatment centres are all across the world that can help people battle this addiction. People suffering from addiction can enroll in alcohol treatment in Peterborough, UK, and can finally start their journey towards getting better at living their life.

With that said, in case you know someone who needs enrollment in alcohol treatment centers, below are some of the benefits in order to assure you that getting yourself enrolled in the treatment centres is certainly a good thing, and will help the person become better at the life that will come ahead.

Alcohol Free Environment

addiction-rehabilitation-centre_1One of the biggest advantages of getting yourself rolled into the alcohol treatment centre is that the environment provided to people there is completely free of any form of alcohol, generally, these treatment centres are also built for other substance abuse, so you can consider it completely clean of any such thing.

Great Counselling

Another great thing about alcohol treatment centres is that they provide the best counselling to people who have suffered from alcohol addiction, or are battling with one, keeping that in mind, it is always a good thing to be enrolled in the treatment centrs mainly because how beneficial they can prove in the end. Counselling is used to discuss what you have faced, or face when going through this addiction.